The Role And Strategy Of The Traffic Police Of The Central Java Police To Reduce The Number Of Accidents


  • Jati Mustiko Master of Law, University of 17 Agustus 1945 Semarang, Indonesia



Traffic Violations, the Role and Strategy of the Central Java Police Traffic Police, traffic accidents


Traffic problems are a problem that often gets the public's attention, because traffic has a very strategic role in
supporting development and national integration as an effort to promote public welfare, as mandated in the 1945
Constitution which is part of the national transportation system. The formulation of the problem is what is the definition
and form of traffic violations? What are the factors that cause people to violate traffic? What is the role and strategy of
the Traffic Police of the Central Java Police in reducing the number of accidents? The type of research used is empirical
juridical research or field research, namely examining applicable legal provisions and what is happening in reality in
society. Or in other words, a research conducted on the actual situation or real conditions that occur in the community
with the intention of knowing and finding the facts and data needed. The conclusion is the role and strategy of the
Ditlantas Polda Central Java in reducing the number of traffic accidents includes pre-emptive efforts which are basically
in the form of coaching, education on positive activities and socialization about traffic safety for the community,
Implementing preventive efforts in the form of controlling, regulating traffic , and monitoring accident-prone lanes, and
collaborating with relevant stakeholders such as the Department of Transportation, the TNI, and the Satlantas Polres
from the Central Java Regional Police and repressive efforts, namely by enforcing the law for traffic violators in the form
of warnings, tickets, fines and confiscation,


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