Principal's Leadership Style, Library Services Against Student Reading Motivation


  • Agusalim Agusalim Lecturer of Primary School Education Faculty of Teacher Training and Education Universitas Muhammadiyah Buton, Indonesia



Leadership Style, Principal, Library Service, Student Reading Motivation


Motivation to read is a process of driving behavior or the urge to read. Therefore, this article attempts to measure
the role of school principals and library services in increasing reading motivation in elementary schools in Baubau
city. This study involved teachers and elementary school students in the Lea-lea sub-district, Baubau City. The
questionnaire instrument was used to obtain answers to the relationship between the leadership style of the
principal, library services and students' reading motivation. The results of the observation found that there was a
deviation in the reading motivation score of elementary school students from the average value, the level of
deviation of the Principal's leadership style score from its average value and the level of deviation of the Library
Service score from its average value. The design of this research is a quantitative study based on the random
sampling method using the normality test of the estimation error and the homogeneity of variance test. The results of
the study showed that there was a positive and significant influence between the leadership style of the principal and
the reading motivation of elementary school students, there was a positive and significant influence between library
services (X2) and reading motivation of elementary school students (Y) and there was a positive and significant
influence between the leadership style. Principal (X1) and Library Services (X2) together with Elementary School
students' reading motivation (Y).


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